Github profile vs Live Project:What matters more in your resume

When you have gained certain experience in the industry, finding your next right job might seem like a daunting task.Most of the employers today ask to mention github profile in application mail while some prefer simply mentioning your relevant projects in your resume.

In this article we are going to compare the two explaining the merits and limitations of each.

A strong github profile subtly conveys a message to your employer about your technical expertise and exposure.While going through your profile and personal repos the prospective employer can get clear idea about your style of coding as well as whether you follow standard coding practices and syntax for a particular tech stack.

Now it may also work against your chances of getting places if you don’t comment your code in proper places, use confusing variable names and don’t explain necessary function inputs and outputs.

So if you are mentioning your github profile please make sure that at least your starred/pinned repos are properly documented and follow standard coding guidelines as this might greatly impress your prospective employer.

The second case is about mentioning live projects. Although interviewer cannot see your code you can expect question related to various components used in the projects, the problems you faced while creating them and how you tried to solve them. If you are applying for front-end profiles then mentioning your live projects is a must since it establishes your credibility as a front-end developer. Many companies actually set criteria of having at least one live project for being eligible to apply for the position.

If you are applying for full stack profile or senior level technical position then your github projects will have significant advantage over live projects.

Having a balanced combination of both might be beneficial in many cases but the weightage of each differs on the basis of position you are applying for.

In the end recruitment is similar to demand and supply market.If the company is looking out for front-end developer your experience in the backend projects will not matter much.

Also your technical knowledge and analytical skills have much more importance in the interview process.If you would like to have a look at basic javascript questions asked in interview you can find them here.

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