How to improve the reach of technical articles on medium

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So if you have just started into the world of technical blogging and want some pointers to improve your article reach then this article is for you. Without wasting any further time let’s just start with the steps:-

A good headline and featured image

Headlines and the featured image are the first things about your articles users see in the feed before making the decision whether to spend their time in further reading your article. Even if you have decided and written a good headline it’s always good to check your headline on an online analyser tool like this one from Coschedule: Headline Analyzer

The the analysis score of headline used above is as follows:-

Image source: Coschedule headline anayzer

It will most certainly help you in restructuring your article headline properly. In case of images make sure to have a proper featured image which is related the article and attracts attention of the readers and also don’t use images which are subject to any form of copyrights to save yourself from future trouble. I usually use images from Pixabay or Unsplash because they provide great source of copyright free image and quiet a lot of bloggers prefer using images from this two sites.

You can find more tips on improving your article on freecodecamp’s article here: Article
I am going to stick to the topic of improving article reach for now. Let’s move towards the next and most important step…

2. Get published in a popular publication related to your article

This is the most important step to improve your article reach on medium and also to improve your followers count. 
Just to give you an example check the reads of two articles I posted back to back below

Image source: Medium Stats

The first article was published without adding it to any publication while I submitted second one to Towards Data Science publication on medium. And the read ratio was almost 8.4k compared to just 72 reads on first one. So find some good publications on medium related to your article and see if they have official submission guidelines present in their publication. Submit your article and once articles gets published just sit back and see the exponential growth in your article views.

3. Submit article links to hackernoon and reddit

Submission to hackernoon is pretty straightforward and easy by going to their website. In case of reddit find some threads related to your article, see the official submission rules and post your article links. Make sure to do it in a proper manner else there are chances of links being removed by reddit thread moderators. If the post link does get removed you will most certainly get the reason for removal and you can make necessary changes while posting it again.

4. Cross post on and hashnode

Hashnode is a great community for developers and you can get quite a lot of organic reach from their site if you reshare your articles. Similarly also has generated quite an active community so resharing your articles on is also a great choice.

Bonus tips

Create a separate gmail account for your blog

Most of this sites require you to sign up and thereby requiring you to add email address. If you are like me who does not like to have personal inbox flooded with promotional and spam emails it’s a good choice to create a separate email account for blogging purposes and use that account every where. Another reason for this it keeps creeps and random strangers away from contacting me on your personal social accounts thereby keeping a healthy barrier between my personal and blogging life. Also I prefer my blog ‘Codeclassifiers’ to have it’s own identity rather than people building up any biases from the way I am personally.

Create your own Medium publication

Once you have decent follower count on medium you can start your own medium publication to keep your followers updated about your recent articles.

This might seem like a lot of work for some of you but if you have taken a lot of efforts while drafting your article I think you can very well spend some time in it’s promotion so that your efforts are fruitful…

That’s all for today folks… If you found this tips useful give this article a few claps and let’s get back to iterative loop of learning from articles, coding and sharing your knowledge via articles 😀

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