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Node.js event emitter explained

Image source: Pixabay Node.js core API is based on asynchronous event-driven architecture in which certain kind of objects called emitters periodically emit events that cause listener objects to be called. All objects that emit events...


Creating first time user welcome screen in react native

Image source:Pixabay Most of the android applications have app descriptions on their play store page, however some applications provide information about application elements on first application launch providing a guided tour to their application...


Handling wix react native navigation with redux

Image source:Pixabay There are many navigation options available for handling navigation in react native applications like react-native-router-flux, react-navigation,airbnb-native-navigation and wix-react-native-navigation out of which I like to use react-native-navigation because of its highly configurable navigation...


Simple way to implement flatlist in react native

Image Source:Pixabay Flatlist is new component introduced in recent version of react native along with sectionlist for rendering list based data in react native screens.Going by the official documentation the advantages of using this...


Updating values in mysql database using nodejs

Image source: Pixabay In today’s tutorial we are going to dynamically update mysql table values from nodejs server.In previous tutorials covered following topics: a)Simple login interface: Tutorial b)File upload module: Tutorial c)Admin dashboard for monitoring...

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