Why gesture control in smart watches might be the next big thing

When I first saw smart watches released from major companies they felt more or less like a luxury rather than a necessity.There was always something lacking in them which always made me feel that there was not much of a need for mass adoption of smart watches.But I found that lacking element when I saw the following video:

It changed my perspective on usage of smart watches and IoT completely.Now there are futurists who believe that voice search coupled with smart AI might be the next major mode of computing but there are most certainly a couple of limitations to it.I don’t find people travelling via public transport yelling at siri or google assistant to perform their day-to-day tasks or even people doing there daily tasks using voice commands at workplace.Amazon echo and google home might be useful at home but that is where voice search adoption ends at least for now.Introverts like me would not even think of using voice as a mode of handling devices in public places. Another problem with voice search is that there are many different accents and languages that a voice analysis software needs to understand before it actually performs the desired action.Enough rambling about voices search and let’s get back to our own topic of discussion.

Gesture controlled smart watches might be used in variety of ways since they can be connected with smart phones as well as smart glasses or VR kits.Most of the VR kits available today lack proper input devices for interacting with on-screen elements but smart watches can be a compelling accessory to control elements in VR kits via hand gestures and simple wrist movements.

Another important feature of smart watches might be for differently abled people.For example visually impaired people might be able to use cameras of smart watches for reading text by moving there hands over text while the watch is flipped over their wrist and listening the text on headphones or phones speakers. People who are unable to speak might be able to use gestures over smart watches which would then be converted to voice to communicate with others.

Air typing using smart watches is already being experimented in various companies and even international societies like ACM SIGCHI.Smart watches might become an important element in IoT industry to control various smart devices.

One day we could easily switch between listening music to daily news while jogging in the park without even touching the screen simply using hand gestures.Next time you forget your remote control somewhere simply pair your watch with smart tv and flip the channels using hand gestures instead of investing in expensive TVs with built-in gesture controls.If you misplace your watch then that might be a different use case altogether.

The next era of computing will be using IoT in our day-to-day lives and smart watches will play a major role in interacting with them.As you can see towards the end of the video, Google is partnering with different companies to integrate project soli in variety of devices and the technology looks promising.Embedding gesture control in our smart devices surely makes much more sense and might be a better and convenient way to interact with smart devices.

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