Why majority of coders prefer to work late at night or in early mornings

As a programmer I generally prefer to start coding after dinner till wee hours of the morning before heading to sleep at almost all weekends.Ask a random programmer when they do their best work and there’s a high chance they will admit to a lot of late nights. A popular trend is to get up at early hours of the morning and get some work done before the day’s menial tasks begins. Others like to start in the evening and work till early hours of the morning.

So here are a some reasons that make this a better time for coding:

1. No Constant Interference
 There’s nothing to disturb your solitude. Doing it during the day means having to deal with interruptions in the form of people, calls, texts and life, in general.If you are working as an employee you need to attend meetings,handle requests from managers and clients,keeping checking your social profiles and notifications,interruptions from coworkers and if a little time is left from all this then start coding on a project which may or may not interest you. But at wee hours at night there is no one to disturb you, no social notifications to bug you and you can code just on the projects that you want to.

2. The Peaceful Quiet
Again, the background noise of endless activity around you like cars passing by, people talking and whatnot becomes completely muted at night — so much so you can have a pin drop silence. If that is not the perfect atmosphere to work or chill, I don’t know what is. Some of you might say that we can have similar atmosphere at daytime by using noise cancelling headphones and getting your grove on listening to your favorite music.But constantly listening to music on headphones should be avoided to keep your hearing sense in good health. It is actually recommended not to use headphones continuously for more than an hour and take constant breaks in between.The quiet atmosphere at night actually feels a lot better for mentally stimulating task such as coding.

“Anything is possible when you have inner peace”
 — Master Shifu, Kung Fu panda

3. The Darker, The Better
Even during day, many developers prefer drawing all the curtains and keeping the light out by any possible means.

4. Nothing Like Midnight Snacks
Take a programmer and add a well-stocked kitchen/fridge — and you get the happiest person on earth. Unlike your typical early bird’s breakfast-lunch-dinner, there’s afternoon breakfast, night lunch and midnight snacks! The creativity that goes into it is laudable — leftover sandwiches, Nutella dishes and what not.But keep eating healthy snacks even at night instead of binge eating on colddrinks and pizzas.

5. Brain Works Best When It’s Late Night
Research shows that while early birds’ attention span tends to dwindle as the day progresses, it remain active for a longer period through the night.It turns out that late at night/really early in the morning, the brain gets tired enough that it can only focus on one task, not on multiple. So, it chooses to focus on programming, and not reading the news, or checking social apps.It’s also well established that the dreams that happen during sleeping are part of a process where the brain reconciles the events of the day before and establishes new understanding and intuition. The best way to be in contact with that process is to lay around a bit in the morning while half asleep for about an hour.The best way to make wild progress is to work on a problem up to the very end of the day and to then go directly to sleep. No people,no TV,no social media interactions. In the morning, while in the twilight of waking, the problems of yesterday might present themselves with solutions.

6. Night Owls/Early birds Are More Intelligent
Studies have already proved beyond a doubt that night owls/early birds tend to be more intelligent and creative than others, so great news there! No wonder all the famous creative people were night owls or early risers

The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions SLEPT were TOILING UPWARD in the night!
– Henry W. Longfellow

7. Interacting With Humans Is Minimum
We are generally awkward around human company and would rather socialize with them as little as possible, there’s nothing better you can do than become a programmer. Not only will you not have to see them during the night — because everyone’s asleep, you can avoid them even during the day — because you’re asleep!

8.The influence from the past

For older programmers it dates back to early nineties when they had servers that everyone in a company shared, but that weren’t quite powerful enough to support everyone using them at the same time. When these machines were busy, they would be dozens of times slower than they’d be if they were lightly loaded. So, you’d wait until late at night so you could test your project and get vastly more code-compile-run-debug cycles in than you could during the day when everyone else was banging on the system.Folks with the good old dial-up connections were better of using their network connection at night rather than at the day when the lines were busy.Eventually the server became more powerful and cost efficient while network connection increased in bandwidth but the trend to work at night followed on.

9.You are in the flow

Some of called it being wired in,the flow or the zone but this is a phase which most of us are familiar with.You start working on the problem with full focus leaving behind the world around you and time just files by.The problem that you started with a few minutes ago takes hours of your time and you don’t even realize it.The source literally flows from the brain to the source.At such wee hours you are much likely to get in the flow of things developing the project without thinking about things happening around.

No matter at what time you prefer to work on always keep in mind that developers are not some superficial human race and need sufficient amount of sleep just like everyone else so always make sure that you have sufficient hours of sleep and have proper sleep schedule to prevent feeling burnt out and groggy during the day.

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